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Fire and Safety Audit and Training

We offer our clients a fire audit of their premises. The purpose of these audits is to assess the risks that may be present, highlight the statutory compliance status, to-dos and recommendations to reduce fire risk.

Implementing a fire audit will reduce the risk of a fire, however should a fire break out, one should also be prepared to handle it to reduce damage or risk to human life. For that we offer a fire training course to our clients.

The fire safety training provided by GroupL provides basic information and awareness about fire and safety, how to react during an emergency, what are the different types of fire and fire extinguishers, how a fire extinguisher is to be used, briefing on evacuation procedure and importance of a handy first aid kit.

Repossessed Property Security

A repossessed property is one that has been seized by the lender. GroupL works with many housing finance companies to secure their repossessed properties pan – India. As these are disputed properties, it is imperative that they are kept secure.

Our infrastructure and technology allow us to manage such properties

  • We are able to deploy in remote locations in small numbers, pan – India.

  • Go live TAT of 24 hours across locations.

  • Geo fenced location and mobile bio metric app.

  • Disaster management.

Security Guards / Armed Guard

Since 1973, through GI Security a Group company, we have been providing manned guarding services to a wide range of businesses throughout India, thus we have a wealth of experience in the protection of property and personnel.

We have acquired PSAR (Private Security Agencies Regulation) Act, 2005 license to operate in several states in India. As per the regulations of this Act, we have established training centres to impart the requisite 240 hours of training to security personnel. We believe this will not only help us become more legally compliant, but will also enable us to provide improved security management and customer service to our clients.

GroupL manned guarding division provides: private security guards, armed guards, lady guards, body guards, bouncers, security supervisors, computer literate guards, personal security guards, guards for reception management and ex-servicemen security personnel.

Security Training

Realising the need for world class training of security guards to combat the increasing threat of terror, GroupL has set up modern, well equipped security training institutes in Chandigarh, New Delhi and Kolkata.

As per the regulations of the PSAR Act (2005), GroupL provides 240 hours comprehensive security training to its students (security guards). Based on the evaluation system, every qualifying student gets a certificate, which is testimonial of his / her performance, professional standards and knowledge to work as a competent security guard. The course content comprises of the following topics, in detail:

  • Physical training, drill and deportment

  • Professional knowledge

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Protecting people and property

  • Emergency situations and responses (including handling situations like fire, bank robbery, building evacuation etc.)

The guards undergo eight-hour training sessions, for thirty days. These sessions are conducted by professionally qualified, experienced and certified trainers. In addition to providing training to security guards, GroupL recruits and trains security guards to be deployed in the Middle East and Europe

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