Realising the need for world class training of security guards to combat the increasing threat of terror, GroupL has set - up modern, well equipped security training institutes in Chandigarh, Cochin, New Delhi and Kolkata.

As per the requirements of the PSAR Act (2005), GroupL provides 240 hours comprehensive security training to its students (security guards). Based on the evaluation system, every qualifying student gets a certificate, which is testimony of his / her performance, professional standards and knowledge to work as a competent security guard. The course content comprises of the following topics, in detail:

  • Physical training, drill and deportment
  • Professional knowledge
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Protecting people and property
  • Emergency situations and responses (including handling situations like fire, bank robbery, building evacuation etc.)

The guards undergo eight hour training sessions, for thirty days. These sessions are conducted by professionally qualified, experienced and certified trainers.

In addition to providing training to security guards, GroupL has been approved by the Security Knowledge and Skills Development Council (SKSDC) to train security trainers for the entire industry. This itself certifies our ability to train better than or at least as well as anyone else. Our certified trainers also provide fire - safety training to corporates.

Security training is a value added service we offer, which can be availed independent of our facility management package.

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