At GroupL we offer a thorough floor maintenance package including stripping, sealing, waxing and buffing of your floors. Floor cleaning service is offered for marble floor cleaning and vinyl tiles in Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai and NCR region. It can be availed by residences, offices or commercial buildings.

Floor stripping, sealing and polishing / waxing – Over time due to wear and tear, your floors may lose much of their gloss. When this occurs, we strip the existing polish / wax and sealant (as applicable) and undertake a thorough cleaning of the floor. We apply new sealant and polish to bring back lustre to the floors.

Scrubbing and wax/polish – Sometimes your floors look dull and need a good scrub. We use a machine scrubber, followed by a coat of wax and finally buff the floor. Buffing the floor helps to restore shine, remove scuff marks and spread the wax evenly.

Our staff are trained to identify the various types of flooring used today with specialisation in marble floor polishing and vinyl tiles cleaning. The team knows the use of the right machinery and chemicals in the correct ratio of dilution to be implemented for all types of floor cleaning.

Floor cleaning and maintenance service can be availed as an independent service or as part of our facility management package.

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