We often make the mistake of assuming our upholstery and carpets are clean just because they look clean. However, over time they collect dust, germs, dirt, and airborne pollutants. Even with regular vacuuming, carpets and upholstery look dull and worn-out. Experts suggest professional carpet and sofa cleaning every 6 - 12 months to prevent permanent stains, fibre breakdown and dirt / germs from settling in high traffic areas. It also helps to increase the longevity of the carpet and upholstery life.

Our professional carpet cleaners use two methods of cleaning – carpet steam cleaning or carpet shampooing. Steam cleaning involves the use of powerful hot water extraction system - spraying a carpet at high pressure with a mixture of cleaning agent and very hot water. This loosens the dirt, grime and soil from the carpet. Almost simultaneously a vacuum cleaner is run over the carpet to remove the hot water. Pre-conditioning areas which are very dirty improves the results from this method of cleaning. The hot water extraction method is credited with killing bacteria, removing stains and driving out dirt, grime and soil. This system is fully controllable with regards to heat and water flow, so even the most valued and delicate rugs can be safely cleaned.

Carpet shampooing method first involves vacuuming the carpets with a high-powered vacuum cleaner. Thereafter a carpet shampooing machine is used to generate considerable foam. The foam is allowed to dry a little. The resulting residue containing the dirt and grime is vacuumed up. Similarly, we offer shampooing for sofa cleaning. This form of cleaning brings the life back in your upholstery and carpets. GroupL provides carpet and upholstery cleaning to commercial sector in Delhi NCR only. It can be offered as part of facility management package in other locations in India on a case by case basis.

This service can be availed on an AMC basis, as part of facility management package or as an independent service.

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